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A few questions to ask yourself about your website. (Some Systems Analysis Questions)

Why do you want a website? (Making money needs to be somewhere in your answer.)

What do you think it will do for you?

What do do expect your website to do?

Who are your customers now and what new customers do you want?

What do your customers want from your website?

Why will they want to go to your website?

What is in the website that will want them to return again and again?

Are you wanting any interactivity on your site?

Do you have company colours?

Are the colours appropriate for your website?

Do you want your website to be attractive or functional or both?

What message do you want your website to send out?

Who is going to star in your website?

Are you the best person to star in your website?

A Model is expensive but worth every penny if they attract people to your site. So would you want to use one?

Do you have professional photographs of your business?

How much do you want to spend? and how much do you need to spend on your website?

Systems Analysis

Where would you like to be on Google? How much are you prepared to get there?

Our team can design all aspects of your website. We start but analysing just what you need, ensuring that the new system will integrate with your currents systems and flow of information. We design all the Graphics, 3D Modelling, take the necessary photographs and produce any required animation. If you need a Logo then we can design that with you to ensure that it is fit for its purpose.

Having made the web site, we will then optimise the site so that it can achieve the very best with the most popular search engines. On a regular basis we will then update your site so that once it has reached the front page of the search engines, that it will stay there.

To help you we do:

Systems Analysis and Design, Search Engine OptimisationSocial Media MarketingWeb Site CreationWebsite Hosting, E-commerce Solutions, Customer Relations Management , Digital Photography, Photoshop, Web Programming.

Software Services

Many systems just happen. The systems are not designed they just happen. As the company grows then it is found that the whole thing needs to be done properly from scratch, to ensure the flow of information and data does exactly what your company needs of it.

systems analysis diagram

To help you we do:

Database Design, Systems Analysis, Linux and Windows Security, E-Learning, MoodleWeb Analytics, Web Education to Post Graduate Level.

We don't just build you a website we teach you all about it too.