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Creating Video for your Web Site. What is needed for a web site today is video. You need to get your message across fast and videos are the way to do this. Sure you can use a phone and make a video and stick it on your site but if the video is not up to scratch then it is worse than not having a video at all.

You need:

A good script. You give us the outline of what you want to do and we do the rest.

Professional actors. We hire professional actors in place of you to produce a quality product.

A well directed story. We have two experienced directors, Paul and Rosamund who can see the perfect angle and shot to get your message across.

A Quality product. A quality product sells and thats what we are about.

We create all types of Animation from simple stop frame animation using Dragon-frame, to using Bamboo to capture drawings on paper and animate them. We use Doodly and Sparkol to create different types of animation. We use visual presenters to capture the image on paper using a live hand to draw.

More complex 3-D animations are created using Resolve and programs like Blender for title intros.