Philip M Russell Ltd

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Web Consultancy Services

We offer advice on how to build a website into your own Marketing Strategy.

A website should not be viewed in isolation, but needs to be placed in context with the whole company. We endeavour to give the best advice for developing your web sites and web systems, to give you cost effective solutions.

Computer Consultancy

We offer services to enable to to choose the most effective IT infrastructure for the money. We can recommend PC specifications that will work of the optimum cost recovery period, design effective working wired and wireless networking solutions.

Moodle Consultancy

With more schools and colleges as well as commercial companies now using Moodle, we can offer a range of Moodle services from both the Educational viewpoint and the e-learning view. We can help you design and create a cost effective learning solution that benefits everyone. Easy for the students to use, automated marking for the staff and full record keeping to help manage the cash flow.

Systems Analysis

Most systems are just created, with out the need to examine what is required first. We have trained system analysts who can look at your business problems and work out the most cost effective solution for improving you IT infrastructure.

SMM Consultancy

A website is just not enough these days. We help you plan the right mix of Web sites and Social Media Marketing to improve your search engine ranking.

SEO Consultancy

A web site is no good if no one comes and visits it. We work are hardest to get your web site to number 1 on Google and others and keep it there.

Logo Design Service

We create logos as part of the consultancy service.

logo1ider logordp logodef logo

These logos can be used either with your web site or stand alone.

Quick Response Codes

We can write customised codes for either your website or your business cards. Our artwork team can create Quick Response Codes with your logo or message, for use on Signs, Clothing and other exotic media.

Social Media Clothing

Our experts in Social Media Marketing work with the QR guys Quick Code Apparelto create some Social Media Clothing. We Explore and create clothing with QR Codes on it to improve your business contacts. We have created T-shirts, Paper cups and badges for jeans pockets and well as more standard Quick Code wear.