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Web Site Design

Why Choose us for Web Site Design?

We work with you to create the best design for you and your clients. Websites are requested by people like you, but you are probably one of the few people that won't use the product you have bought. It is your customers that will use your website.

The most important thing about a website is that it has to be useful. Most websites need to generate an income by attracting customers that you would not reach using older forms of marketing and advertising.

With you we design an easy to use, easy to navigate website for your customers. Once a customer finds your website we hope they will find it helpful and want to stay and use it again and again.

We help provide them with what they want. When you get us on your team, you get over 150 man years of experience of making web pages that work.

We have written the book (several actually) on Web Site Design. Years of experience of teaching people to build websites, using all types of the techniques and then tearing the sites to bits and critically analysing what makes an effective website structure and design.

We try too solve all the navigation problems to that all people can access your website using data from the latest research.

We just don't build a website for you, but we try to integrate the website into your business.

We can build big websites and we can build small sites. Each site we like to believe is just what you wanted and just what you needed.

Questions you need to ask before creating a web site

We have spent many hours watching people use many different types of web pages so that we know the best ones to develop and use. As a company we have been studying all the principles of usability to ensure that the right information is placed in the right part of the page or site for maximum visibility.

We have spent many hours figuring out how to best present your information so that you don't need to worry about this.

We explain all the options to you, paying attention to the little details. You get all the experience, so your website gets created properly the first time. In the end, this is your real bargain.

We offer all types of web sites from the very simplest 1 page presence to dynamic e-commerce systems.

Our sites are written in HTML5 and CSS3, although older standards can be used if required.

Sample Website

What do you want from a website?

Most of our customers say they want to have this or that, but they are not the users of the web sites. Web sites need to be designed for their users, It is what the users want that makes for a good web site. Give the users what they want and you have a great web site and a popular one.

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