Philip M Russell Ltd

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Gone are the days of simple websites. Now you need video on your website to keep up with others.We videos are either very good and expensive usually costing many thousands like a tV advert or homemadepoorly shot on a phone and pooly edited. We come out somewhere in between. We use professional 4K cameras to produce good quality film, that can be cropped and then professionally edited to prtay your company in the best light.

Productions uaually take three days.

Day one, script writing, casting set organisation and pre-production

Day two, The filming. Lighting, Sound, set Mangement, We usually use multiple camers, and othe equipment like sliders, dollies, cranes or jibs, to get the best shots.

Day Threee edititng. This is the make of break day of the film. A poor edit gives a poor product regardless of the quality of the film, so we take that extra care with you to produce sometjhig that is just right.