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Systems Analysis

What is Systems Analysis? I don't need it.

My favourite lecture to students shows them a series of pictures why systems analysis is necessary. The pictures are amusing but there is a real important message behind them.

Picture1 How the Customer explaiined itHow the Customer Explained it.










How the Analyst Understood it

How the programmer understood it










What the customer neededWhat the Customer really needed

There are many Pictures in this series but it illustrates the point of Systems Analysis.


Systems Analysis

We ask the what and the why.

—What : To Investigate the current system and prove the necessity of its cost-effective innovation

—What : To Analyse in a systematic way the data and process flow and design an optimal up-to-date solution

—Why: To increase profit and efficiency

The Feasibility Study is the first stage of Systems Analysis. Its goal is to establish a firm ground for any further developments by proving that the new system is feasible and beneficial for the organisation.

More specifically, the purpose of the Feasilbility study is to take a “snapshot” of what ever the present systemis and its deficiencies, and then to outline the scope and objectives of a new system which is to solve the problems, bring benefits and satisfy user and the customer requirements.

This involves sitting down with you and asking the hard questions that save you time and money.