Videos for Web Pages

What is needed for a web site today is video.

In today's digital age, having video content on your website is essential to quickly convey your message to potential customers. However, simply recording a video on your phone and uploading it to your site is not enough. To create a high-quality video, you need a few key elements.

First, a well-crafted script is crucial. You provide us with the basic idea and we'll develop the script to effectively communicate your message.Next, professional actors bring your story to life. We have a roster of talented actors that we can hire to ensure a polished final product.

Our experienced directors, Paul and Rosamund, know how to find the perfect angles and shots to create a visually engaging video that resonates with your audience.

Quality is paramount to us, and we use a variety of animation techniques to bring your video to life. For simple stop-motion animation, we use Dragon-frame, while Doodly and Sparkol help us create unique animations. We can also use visual presenters to capture hand-drawn images in real-time, and for more complex animations, we use programs like Resolve and Blender to create 3D animations, title intros, and character animations.

By combining these elements, we can create a video that effectively showcases your business and captures the attention of potential customers.

A local business venture

This sort of video on a site is the difference between someone watching and someone swiping on to the next.

Gone are the days of simple websites. Now you need video on your website to keep up with others. The videos are either very good and expensive usually costing many thousands like a TV advert or home made poorly shot on a phone and poorly edited. 
We come out somewhere in between. We use professional 4K cameras to produce good quality film, that can be cropped and then professionally edited to portray your company in the best light. Productions usually take three days.

Day one, 
Script writing, casting set organisation and pre-production

Day two, 
The filming. Lighting, Sound, set Mangement. We usually use multiple cameras, and othe equipment like sliders, dollies, cranes or jibs, to get the best shots.

Day Three 
Editing. This is the make of break day of the film. A poor edit gives a poor product regardless of the quality of the film, so we take that extra care with you to produce something that is just right.