What we do

Starting up

Philip M Russell Ltd was formed in 2011 after I left full time teaching and went freelance. The company follows my two passions. Making Videos and teaching. So now I do both. Being a Science and Maths teacher I have tended to make science videos and currently we have over 300 of them covering much of the syllabuses of Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology from GCSE to A Level. Over the past 10 years or so I have collected most of the science equipment  to teach and demonstrate all the science experiments carried out in schools and colleges and a lot more.


I started making videos when I was 10 borrowing my fathers VHS colour camera, now 50 years later my sons and I make all types of videos. Now we use some of the latest digital video cameras and Blackmagic Da Vinci Resolve to achieve professional quality colour graded films. 

More about Me

I love playing the organ. I might not be very good, but I enjoy playing.

I currently own an Eminent Alpha 32 organ with full pedal board, this is a very realistic sounding church organ. Next to it I have a Ringway 1000 organ which I want to upgrade into a theatre organ also with a full pedal board.
Prior to this I owned a Yamaha HS8 for many years.