Live Videos

When it comes to live videos or streaming, it's not just about capturing the footage and merging multiple camera views together. There are many other factors to consider, such as text banners, transitions, maintaining sound levels, and ensuring optimal color quality. To achieve the best live streaming experience, we have a dedicated team of sound engineers, lighting crew, and camera operators, as well as a production team. Together, we work to ensure that every aspect of the live stream is of the highest quality and delivers a seamless experience for viewers.

Organ Concerts

Our Video Screen Projection equipment is not just limited to organ recitals and concerts but can also be used for various teaching purposes. With its ability to project a large screen or screens to a viewing public of around 500, it is an ideal tool for workshops and educational events. The system provides an excellent teaching aid for music students as they can watch the organist's hand movements and learn from their techniques. The organ recitals can be "enhanced" by the use of the Video Screen Projection equipment allowing the audience, from a high the vantage point, to look down on the manual console with its music. Our team of experts can also create bespoke graphics and animations to enhance the visual experience for the audience.