Video Production

3-Part Production

Part 1 Planning with customer script writing

We work throught hte design process so we can turn an idea into a video. From Designing the set, green  screening, creating storyboards, script wrtting, finding suitable actors with the rights skills, 

Part 2  The film making

Usually we can shoot the film in a day. Sometimes its a live event and has to be. Sometimes due to restrictions we have to film over several days.
Our production team  ensure that all the lighting, sound and set are ready for the production.
We work to create the best scenes and angles that we can using multiple cameras.  We use tripods, steadycams, gimbels and sometimes hand held shots to ge the best images.
We create all types of Animation from simple stop frame animation using Dragon-frame, to using Bamboo to capture drawings on paper and animate them. We use Doodly and Sparkol to create different types of animation. We use visual presenters to capture the image on paper using a live hand to draw.  More complex 3-D animations are created using Resolve and programs like Blender for title intros.

Science Videos

GCSE Videos covering most exam boards. Videos on Practicals and lessons. We have hundreds of videos on our YouTube channel teaching science and other topics.